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HeadStart Group

The Headstart Group; Established in 1996 has since built its niche into the ship recycling and trading marketplace. Developing our roots from the delivered, back to back contracted, “secured” cash buying in the traditional sense, we have since grown steadily evolving from a “cash buyer” to a group of companies that now participate in all different types of shipping transactions.Specializing in delivered basis, and as-is-where-is transactions. We are experienced with but not limited to; Marine vessel operations, cargo and freight management, re-animating laid up vessels, and managing projects for present and future trade. We provide our clients the with timely, reliable, professional and honest service that they have come to expect of our brand. In an industry governed by an active market, our ideals of practice in fair play and promise-to-deliver attitude serve as the cornerstone for the Headstart group experience.


In 1996 Mr Latif revisited his connections with breaking facilities in Pakistan, this time not selling small quantities of scrap, rather as a traditional Cash Buyer’ business model. The next few years would see the rekindling of many old connections and relationships in the steel recycling industry as he began his extensive travels developing the network of friends, brokers and associates that would facilitate this new business venture.

What Is A Cash Buyer

Purchasing the vessel on a delivered or AS-IS structure, effecting prompt payment as contracted....

Green Recycling

Green Ship Recycling, albeit a term popularized as of late, is about much more than just hard hats and a loweredcarbon footprint. This is a commitment to raising general awareness, and lowering the impact of waste materials on the environment, and ensuring a socially responsible approach to the recycling process, protecting human life, the planet we all share and its resources alike.