To continue exceeding expectations of our demanding clientele in this dynamic business, Headstart Group has followed, studied and embodied the responsibilities that come with our business. Green Ship Recycling, albeit a term popularized as of late, is about much more than just hard hats and a loweredcarbon footprint. This is a commitment to raising general awareness, and lowering the impact of waste materials on the environment, and ensuring a socially responsible approach to the recycling process, protecting human life, the planet we all share and its resources alike.

Headstart is a major proponent of the ideals held by the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships in 2009 and works to ensure that ships are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. Headstart makes green accommodations available in accordance with requirement of the contracted parties. We facilitate our transactions as necessary by sourcing compliant and reputable yards that meet the green standard when necessitated.

Headstart supports the goals of this initiative, one of which mandates that all vessels that exceed 500(GT), carry an inventory (previously dubbed a green passport) that specifies known hazardous materials and their location on the ship. Headstart stands out from competitor cash buyers as this has been an implemented incumbent practice since our inception, long before this guideline was enforced by the Hong Kong Convention in 2009.

Headstart Group fully backs the objectives of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the leading force in catalyzing changes in the shipping industry to protect both workers and the environment from hazardous materials. Headstart has a competitive edge over those cash buyers who continue to neglect the guidelines set to ensure safety during the ship dismantling process. Headstart works diligently to maintain reliable and impeccable service while incorporating Green Recycling and addressing those controversial issues that affect what is important to us as a corporation: our clients, our laborers, the environment, and all our futures in this industry.