Our Clientele know that from the day a vessel takes to the water it has a commercial feasibility of roughly 3 decades (give or take). Dynamic conditions whilst traversing the oceans and seas coupled with regular employment will generally take its toll on the maintenance and running costs of a vessel. Once the vessel is no longer commercially viable for trading or chartering, it will be considered for recycling. This is what is the HeadStart niche market. The ship owner at this point can exercise their option to have a fairly hands off approach, with a market value buy-out on the asset. This allows us to flex our well experienced muscles on our clients behalf, offering to undertake all aspects ofthe liquidation. Starting from the market valuation, sale, delivery and beaching of a ship, and further limiting their liabilities from the end buyer quagmires or market fluctuations associated with a market based sale.

This exercisable option comes in the form of a " Cash Buyer ". A cash buyer, purchases a vessel on a prompt "cash" payment basis and delivers it to a recycling / ship breaking yard for the purpose of recycling. Cash Buyers are not brokers!We assume responsibilities for a vessels final days as its primary stake holders or principals. Weaccording to the needs of the client, buy vessels on cash in hand basis from ship owners and resell them to our elected ship recycling yards, walking the deal through our local offices and agents; from contract to delivery and beyond. What are the characteristics and functions of a good cash buyer? What can you expect from the HeadStart experience?

  • Purchasing the vessel on a delivered or AS-IS structure, effecting prompt payment as contracted.
  • Placing deposits or payments promptly as agreed. We understand this is a cash flow intensive business, liquidity is essential when managing a fleet.
  • Assuming the "work" associated with the reselling of the vessel and dealing with our breakers.
  • Protecting the owners against changes in fluctuating market values of their asset.
  • Facilitating the owners in dealing with the burgeoning local formalities, clearances and dealings with port authorities in the final days of a vessel.
  • Paying in "cash" to the owners at delivery, and managing at our risk the modality and time structure of cashing in a Letter of Credit from our end breaker.
  • Always delivering on a transaction; as committed as per the terms of the contract and negotiations regardless of the outcome.

As you can sense from our brief job description anytime you are dealing with unknown variables, an older vessel and fluctuating markets; it is a business of protecting the ship owners and providing impeccable, motivated service. We are in the business of doing just that while managing and delivering assets to their final destinations. Our clients / owners can rest easy and assured that they are in good hands; as Headstart facilitates a smooth and swift beaching and continues to deliver as promised. This mission statement has made us synonymous in the industry with trust and reliability, making us the indiscriminate choice of many, who sell preferably to us based on our past performances.